In the 1920s, workers in the far southern province of Argentina went on strike for better working and living conditions. In this film, the story of that strike is depicted. The military commander sent to investigate decides that the strikers complaints are justified, and he signs an agreement with them. As soon as he leaves, the industrialists and landowners ignore the agreement. When the workers strike again, the owners convince the government that this strike has been caused by the subversive action of the Chilean government, and the strikers are massacred. Only after the tragedy does the military commander realize that he has been duped.~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Pedro Aleandro,Héctor Alterio,Luis Brandoni
Director: Hector Oliveira
Género: Drama
Nombre Original: Rebellion in Patagonia (La Patagonia rebelde)
Año: 1977
Estreno: 1977-05-05
Duración: 110
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