This deliberately broad and overwrought gay-themed comedy-drama concerns a handful of young Hispanics living in Brooklyn whose myriad sexual obsessions are matched only by their fascination with the telenovela (Latin-American soap opera) Dos Vidas. Justin (Irwin Ossa) is a mild-mannered assistant to a photographer who specializes in Hispanic beefcake with campy flourishes. Justin is strongly attracted to his cousin Angel (John Bryant Davila), who has arrived in town to do some photo sessions with his boss, but while Justin is tentatively out of the closet, Angel wavers between the gay and straight worlds, and he sets his sights on Andrea (Jenifer Lee Simard), a flamboyantly sexy woman whom he meets at a dance club. Braulio (Alexis Artiles), Andreas closest friend, is involved with Carlos (Mike Ruiz), who is flagrantly unfaithful and doesnt put much stock in safe sex. Carlos puts the moves on Justin, who reluctantly succumbs to his advances, but when Brauilo learns of Carlos latest infidelity, he finds himself drawn into the tales of jealousy and revenge from Dos Vidas and is driven to violent retribution against his lover.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Director: Ela Troyano
Género: Comedia
Nombre Original:
Año: 1997
Estreno: 1997-09-12
Duración: 90
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