Following the surprising success of his cheapjack Star Wars knockoff, Star Crash, Italian director Luigi Cozzi was given the helm of this cheapjack Alien knockoff. An alien cyclops causes a man to cover the Earth with nasty eggs (sometimes made of silicone, sometimes close-ups of common olives). The eggs release gelatinous gunk which makes people explode, and its all part of the aliens plan to take over the world. Cozzi, a less-talented protégé of Dario Argento, at least gets a good soundtrack by using his mentors house band, Goblin, but delivers a bad film nonetheless. The director admits that the ludicrous monster was made of badly painted papier-mache, requiring 96 separate cuts to look convincing in its big scene. It didnt work.~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Ian McCulloch,Louise Marleau,Marino Masé
Director: Luigi Cozzi
Género: Ciencia Ficción;Fantasía;Acción;Aventuras;Terror
Nombre Original: Contamination
Año: 1980
Estreno: 1980-08-02
Duración: 95
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