Holden Worther.


Una buena chica.

¿Por qué nos gusta?

Jake juega el papel del jovencillo que logra
seducir a la mujer mayor. En este caso Jennifer Aniston lleva una vida
insípida donde nada la inspira a seguir y sólo existe en una rutina sin final; Jake llega al
supermercado donde ella trabaja y le provoca toda una serie de inquietudes.
Después de conocerse, Jake logra seducir a Aniston y ella le pone el cuerno a su marido.

En esta historia Jake funciona como el detonante de los
grandes cambios que tiene que hacer Jennifer en su vida, aunque la trama se centra mucho más en las acciones de Jennifer.

Holden: [in
a letter to Justine] Dear Justine,
because of you I will be quitting the Retail Rodeo. The last two days
have been the most God awful of my life. I’ve not been able to get rid
of you in my head. I’ve never wanted anything so bad and I have wanted
many things. I’d given up long ago on being gotten by someone else,
and then you came along. The idea that I could be gotten because of
circumstantial never get got is the worst feeling I’ve ever felt and
I have felt many bad feelings. I’m sorry I can never see you again,
Justine. Forgive me for being so weak, but that is who I am. Goodbye.
Holden Worther. If, for some reason, you could change your mind and
wanna be with me body and soul, meet me after work. I will be waiting
for you at 5pm outside Chunky Cheese. If you are not there at five you
will never see me again in your lifetime.