When billionaire Pierre Levasseur is snapped by a papparazzo with Elena, his dazzling, supermodel mistress, he tries to avoid a catastrophic divorce by coming up with an outrageous lie. He asserts to his wife that a third person, a passerby, François Pignon, who is also on the photograph, was in fact with Elena. Shes Pignons girlfriend not his. Pignon is a parking valet. Hes a very ordinary fellow. Levasseur, to back up his lie, has to convince the overly beautiful Elena to go live with Pignon. Elena, shacked up with Pignon, is a bird of paradise in an apartment in the sticks. Its also a load of comic situations for The Valet.

Reparto: Gad Elmaleh,Alice Taglioni,Daniel Auteuil
Director: Francis Veber
Género: Comedia
Nombre Original:
Año: 2007
Estreno: 2007-04-20
Duración: 85
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