In the year 1925, CHUN Man-duk, who was once a well-known top shooter in all of Corea, no longer hunts but lives in a hut in Mt. Jirisan with his only son, Seok whom he had later in his years. Man-duks teenage son, Seok, is disgruntled by his father who was once the top gunman in the country but no longer hunts now. Meanwhile, the village is astir due to the Japanese soldiers arrival to find the great tiger, the last living tiger in Corea that is also known as the feared and respected Mountain Lord of Mt. Jirisan. Gu-kyung, head of the Corean hunters under the Japanese army, sets out on a heated hunt after the great tiger. Fascinated with tiger skins, the best plunder from Corea, Japanese dignitary, Maejono is determined to get his hands on the great tiger before his return home, and pushes the Japanese soldiers and Corean hunters at Mt. Jirisan. When no trace of the great tiger can be found, Gu-kyung and Ryu, an officer of the Japanese army, try to bring Man-duk in on the hunt as their last resort.

Reparto: Min-sik Choi,Man-sik Jeong,Hong-Fa Kim
Director: Hoon-jung Park
Género: Acción;Aventuras
Nombre Original:
Año: 2015
Estreno: 2015-12-31
Duración: 139
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