Actor Kenneth Branagh made his directorial debut with a rousing screen adaptation of William Shakespeares Henry V. Four years later, he returns to the bards work with this lively version of one of Shakespeares best comedies. Don Pedro (Denzel Washington), the Prince of Aragon, returns victorious from battle to the praises of the Governor of Messina, Leonato (Richard Briers). One of Don Pedros bravest men, Claudio (Robert Sean Leonard), falls in love with Hero (Kate Beckinsale), Leonatos daughter, and they plan to marry. However, Don Pedros devious half-brother Don John (Keanu Reeves) opposes the match, and he devises a plan to turn Hero against Claudio. Meanwhile, Benedict (Branagh), Don Pedros second-in-command, detests Leonatos niece Beatrice (Emma Thompson), but Don Pedro cleverly brings them together by making each think that the other is secretly in love with them. Much Ado About Nothing also features Michael Keaton in a showy turn as Dogberry.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide