Archetypal British angry young man Jimmy Porter (Richard Burton) is a college-educated bloke who cant seem to get any better job than working in a candy store. Jimmys relationship with his wife Alison (Mary Ure) alternates between hugs and kisses when hes feeling good and verbal abuse when hes down on himself, which is often. Alisons best friend Helena Charles (Claire Bloom) advises Alison to escape her injurious marriage. Left with no one for a punching bag, Jimmy romances Helena. Having suffered a miscarriage, Alison returns, and Helena walks out of Jimmys life. In keeping with its depiction of the dead-end existence of most of Englands working poor in the late 1950s, nothing is truly resolved in Look Back in Anger. Playwright John Osborne (at that time married to Mary Ure) uses Jimmy Porter as a spokesman for Osbornes own spleen-venting harangues against the British government and class system. Not only did Look Back in Anger spawn a new genre of British social-protest films, but it also inspired two remakes, both filmed for television.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide