An experimental, densely symbolic retelling of Adam and Eve, Fruit of Paradise opens before the Fall, as Josef and Eva wander nude through an Eden depicted through superimposing images of red, brown, and yellow leaves and flora over the two in a park. A choir chants the opening passages of Genesis over baroque music. The switch to the fallen world is marked by the choir chanting, Tell me the truth, with increasing intensity. A new, clothed Josef and Eva (now played by Karel Novak and Jitka Novákova) lie on a park bench. The film focuses on Eva from this point on, as she explores her new surroundings, which resemble a kind of spa resort filled with wasteful, complacent idiots, and becomes obsessed with a red-suited serial killer named Robert (Jan Schmid). This new world of truth and opened eyes is seen using an alternatingly sensual and barren color palette. When Eva discovers Roberts identity, she feels removed from her previous self, alienated from Josef (now a philanderer), and desperate to return to her innocent state. But this is impossible. When Eva tries climbing back over the wall to Eden, once again repeating, Tell me the truth, she can no longer communicate with Josef. She pushes a red flower she has offered to him toward the camera lens.~ Michael Buening, All Movie Guide