Rafael is a seductive and ambitious man. He loves beautiful women, elegant clothes and select environments. He considers himself blessed. He is convinced that one day his triumph will be absolute. Rafael possesses a very distinct talent. He was born to sell. It is in his blood. That is why he works in a big department store. He has turned the ladies section into his domain. The perfume girls are all crazy for him. Rafael also has a definite goal in life. He aspires to become the new floor manager. His main rival for the position is Don Antonio, the veteran responsible for the gentlemens section. Due to fatalities of fate, Don Antonio accidentally dies after a heated argument with Rafael. The sole witness of the crime is Lourdes, a very ugly, insignificant and obsessive co-worker. Aware of the unusual situation, Lourdes begins to blackmail Rafael. She first obliges him to become her lover. Then, her slave. And finally, her husband. Rafael becomes exasperated to see his highly refined milieu degenerate to a vulgar hell. On the verge of madness, he plots to end Lourdes once and for all. This time, Rafael cannot commit a mistake. Everything must be ferpect.