Captain Pantaleon Pantoja, an outstanding, exemplary, happily married army man, is commissioned to organize The Visitors Service, an ambulatory prostitute system created to placate the sexual needs of soldiers assigned to distant posts in the Amazon Jungle. Pantaleon carries out this mission with obsessive efficiency and it becomes a resounding success. The appearance in his life of La Colombiana; a subduing mysterious woman; and becoming the victim of extortion by El Sinchi; and influential and corrupt journalists; muddle Captain Pantaleon Pantojas objectives and mark the beginning of many conflicts that outline the story.

Reparto: Angie Cepeda,Salvador del Solar,Pilar Bardem
Director: Francisco J. Lombardi
Género: Drama
Nombre Original: Captain Pantoja and the Special Services (Pantaleon y las visitadoras)
Año: 2002
Estreno: 2002-05-10
Duración: 137
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