Legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman opens his soul to filmmaker Marie Nyreroed for a three-part documentary produced for Swedish television and offering the most intimate portrait of the director since Vilgot Sjomans 1963 film Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie (a documentary which followed the making of Bergmans acclaimed 1962 chamber drama Winter Light. A longtime friend to her celebrated subject, Nyreroed teams with editor Kurt Bergmark offer a three-sided meditation on Bergman that begins by examining his film career before moving on to his theatrical accomplishments and personal struggles. From his remarkable accomplishments as the artistic director for the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm to his collaboration with faithful producer Lorens Marmstedt, every aspect of Bergmans enduring and prolific career are discussed before the pair head back to the directors Faro home for an intimate and relaxed interview.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide