This German family film was based on a book by Erich Kaestner, whose work was previously adapted for the screen in the films Emil and the Detectives and The Parent Trap. Ten-year-old Annaluise (Elea Geissler), nicknamed Puenktchen, is best friends with Anton (Max Felder) despite the difference in their backgrounds — Annaluises parents work in the medical field and are quite well-to-do, while Antons father is missing and his mother Elli (Meret Becker) has health problems and can only work part-time at a local café. When Ellis doctor advises her to take a trip to the seashore that she cannot afford, Anton steals a gold cigarette lighter from Annaluises folks, causing serious friction between his mother and her parents. Meanwhile, Anton borrows the cafés delivery van to head to Berlin in search of his father, while Annaluise tries to make some extra money to help her friend by performing in the subway. The story also pauses occasionally for musical numbers and mild romantic interludes among the grown-up characters.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Elea Geissler,Max Felder,Juliane Köhler
Director: Caroline Link
Género: Familia;Comedia;Drama
Nombre Original: Annaluise and Anton
Año: 1999
Estreno: 1999-01-01
Duración: 114
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