Two athletes look to their sport to help them repair their damaged lives in this psychological drama from Argentine filmmaker Veronica Chen. Goyo (Rafael Ferro) was once a top-ranked competitive swimmer until it was discovered he was using performance-enhancing drugs, leading to a scandal that stalled his career. Looking for a way back into the game, Goyo is coaching Chino (Nicolas Mateo), a promising newcomer who has skills not unlike Goyo, but doesnt have the same appetite for competition. Chinos interest in swimming is pragmatic — he grew up in severe poverty, and he wants a better life for his girlfriend Luisa (Jimena Anganuzzi) and the child shes carrying. Goyo, however, hasnt found the kind of stability in his personal life that Chino enjoys; even though hes long divorced from his first wife Maria (Gloria Carra), he keeps trying futilely trying to win her back, while shrugging off the attentions of Ana (Leonora Balcarce), who is clearly attracted to him. As Goyo prepares Chino for an important marathon river race, the personal issues that follow the two men become nearly as important as their technique in the water. Agua received its North American premiere at the 2007 San Francisco International Film Festival.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Jimena Anganuzzi,Leonora Balcarce,Gloria Carrá
Director: Veronica Chen
Género: Drama
Nombre Original: Agua (Water)
Año: 2006
Estreno: 2006-01-01
Duración: 89
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