A Geisha is a 1953 filmed adaptation of a novel by Matsutaro Kawaguchi. Directed by Japanese filmmaker Kenji Mizoguchi, the movie centers on two young geishas, Miyoharu (Michiyo Kogure) and her apprentice Eiko (Ayako Wakao). Near the end of World War II, social attitudes toward females are beginning to shift in Japan, leading the young Eiko to question whether or not she really wants to become a geisha, a position she feels will lower her status within society. Seizaburo Kawazu co-stars as Kusuda, a wealthy businessman who lends the money for Eikos training and takes a nonfinancial interest in her as well.~ Matthew Tobey, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Michiyo Kogure,Ayako Wakao,Seizaburô Kawazu
Director: Kenji Mizoguchi
Género: Drama
Nombre Original:
Año: 1953
Estreno: 1953-01-01
Duración: 85
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