¿Qué rola es?

¿Por qué para este momento de tu vida?
Advertencia: si estás herido de tu corazón, no escuches la siguiente canción. Es como un fatality de Mortal Kombat. Simplemente te roba tu sistema cardiaco y lo avientan al excusado.

La rola es el monólogo (porque ni llega a ser conversación) de un tipo con su ex, pero requete fuerte porque la mujer ésta ni lo quiere y le restrega que tiene novio nuevo, y el otro zoquete se desangra poco a poco. Perdón, creo que me entró algo a mi ojo.

La frase (toda la canción):

Pick you up
later on
what to do?
it doesnt matter cause you get
what you want
through and through and if you shatter everything
that weve got
will you call me on occasion
if you like it or not, oh no

so turn it up, take me down
from the wall, it doesnt matter
cause you get what you want after all
and now youve shattered everything that we had
and you call me on occasion just to see how I am
Im hanging in

but now time teaches me to pretend it doesnt matter
cause you get what you want in the end
and now youve shattered everything
he looks a bit like me

its cynical
call me useless; just you wait
put me down and call it fate
broken bridges, wasted hate
so just stand beside your man
the boy aint wrong
act like I never turned you on
all I do is cry

and soon youll find youre all alone
you call me on the telephone
whod have thought that youd regret
all those evil things you said
now as friends, we say goodbye
I think theres something in my eye

and you watched me die
at least a thousand times
but its great to hear youre doing fine
tonight, too late to fight
but youve got inside this naive head of mine
now time goes by
you knew you would
you knew you would
I need to understand

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