Pedregal de San Angel/Ciudad Universitaria


Azul y Oro (Ciudad Universitaria)
Centro Cultural Universitario (near SalaNetzahualcoyotl)
Ciudad Universitaria
Tel: 5622 7135
Cash only and somewhat difficult to reach,if you make the journey out here you will be rewarded with some of the finestMexican cuisine at the most reasonable of price tags imaginable. Their standardmenu includes fantastic moles, excellently prepared fish and a number of fingerfoods like tamales and quesadillas as starters. Every month too, the restaurant does a new, themed menubased from a different part of the country. For dessert, their pastel dechocolate, which comes hot and served with cheeseice cream, is particularly outstanding.

Viña Gourmet
Periferico Sur, 4020 L2B, inside PlazaSanta Teresa, between Blvd. de la Luz and Camino a Santa Teresa
Colonia Jardines del Pedregal
Tel: 5568 3191
A very European dining experience, whatmakes this place stand out is their wine list and deli, where you can buycheeses, hams and wines. On the menu, they have a fantastic mixture ofinternational dishes including very well prepared risottos, pastas but for amore national experience they also prepare a superb crema de elote with hiutlacoche (cream of sweetcorn soup with a black fungus that grows on corn) as well as an excellentceviche.

Las cazuelas de la abuela
Avenida San Jerónimo 630, inside Centrocomercial
San Angel
Tel: 5683 8720
A very family oriented restaurant thatfeels as though its right out of the 1950s, this place is always packed withpeople and it can often be difficult to get a table. The wait however, isusually never that long. Indeed, if you do come, the food will satisfy. All thedishes made with mole and pipian are fantastically prepared as are the quesadillas and the tamales. The only area wherethis restaurant doesn’t match up is in its desserts. That said though, they aretraditional, and very Mexican and worth a try.