Mero Toro

Adding to the Condesa’s already veryvibrant restaurant scene comes a new restaurant that blows much of thecompetition away. While many places are a lot like traps because the neighbourhoodattracts such a lot of visitors, both local and foreign, Mero Toro is a sort ofbreath of fresh air. The location, while nothing to speak of, is simplydesigned and made to look warm with generous amounts of wood, which give theplace a very homelike feel. The tables, again, nothing spectacular, but whocares; if you go you’ll be eating sublime food off of them, right from the bread,which is made nearby at their own bakery to the starters, such as a gazpachomade with watermelon, and the main courses, like Mexican style Risotto. Indeed,it’s hard to say what cuisine this place puts out, so rather than fumble withwords, just go visit. It’ll be totally worth it.