Budget ($4000 and above)


Mero Toro
Amsterdam 204
Between Chilpancingo and Glorieta deIzlaccihuatl
Colonia Hipódromo-Condesa
Tel: 5564 7799
Adding to the Condesa’s already veryvibrant restaurant scene comes a new restaurant that blows much of thecompetition away. While many places are a lot like traps because theneighbourhood attracts such a lot of visitors, both local and foreign, MeroToro is a sort of breath of fresh air. The location, while nothing to speak of,is simply designed and made to look warm with generous amounts of wood, whichgive the place a very homelike feel. The tables, again, nothing spectacular, butwho cares; if you go you’ll be eating sublime food off of them, right from thebread, which is made nearby at their own bakery to the starters, such as agazpacho made with watermelon, and the main courses, like Mexican styleRisotto. Indeed, it’s hard to say what cuisine this place puts out, so ratherthan fumble with words, just go visit. It’ll be totally worth it.

Denominación de Origen
Hegel 406, corner of Masaryk
Tel: 5255 0612
With Mexico’s colonial history andrelationship with Spain, one would expect to find more Spanish food in the citythan there really is. One place amongst the slim pickings though, really doesstand out. Denominación de Origen, (which is aclassification given to products with a particular origin, such as wines andhoneys) is a total gem. While it may not be better than what is available inSpain, the food here is nonetheless outstanding and is a representation ofeverything sublime has to offer, such as croquetas, jamon Serrano (for which one theyhave recently won awards for having the best meat carvers), crema catalana and everything in between. The fish dishes here are particularlygood. Don’t forget the wine, either!

Viña gourmet
Periferico Sur, 4020 L2B, inside PlazaSanta Teresa, between Blvd. de la Luz and Camino a Santa Teresa
Colonia Jardines del Pedregal
Tel: 5568 3191
A very European dining experience, whatmakes this place stand out is their wine list and deli, where you can buycheeses, hams and wines. On the menu, they have a fantastic mixture ofinternational dishes including very well prepared risottos, pastas but for amore national experience they also prepare a superb crema de elote with hiutlacoche (cream of sweetcorn soup with a black fungus that grows on corn) as well as an excellentceviche.

Trattoria de la Casa Nuova
Avenida de la Paz 40, between Insurgentesand Revolucion
Colonia San Angel
Tel: 5616 2288
Finding good Italian anywhere outside ofItaly can often be a chore but this place does such good food that even if yourtrip is all about eating Mexican cuisine, this place is still worth a visit. Itis also an excellent place to buy cheeses, breads and other produce for eatingat home. If you choose to dine though, excellent dishes include the gnocchi,which has the right sponginess and texture to rival anything in Italy, or theraviolis, which are cooked to perfection and stuffed with more Mexicaningredients like Oaxaca cheese and squash flower.

Stampa de Mar
Orizaba 28, corner of Puebla
Colonia Roma Norte
Tel: 5207 0741
A very frequently overlooked seafood placein fashionable colonia Roma, Stampa de Mar doesn’t necessarily lack atmospherebut it does come across as quiet. Think romantic dinner or business lunch. Evenfriends, if they aren’t the raucous kind. Whichever way though, the seafood isimpeccably good, taking traditional Mexican dishes and cooking them with fishsuch as the robalo in pipian, where the fish isfirst cooked over coals before being enveloped in a banana leaf and steamedwith pipian; a sauce whose origins go back to pre-Hispanictimes and include such ingredients as pumpkin seeds, cumin  (which isn’t so pre-Hispanic) and driedchillies.  Also highly recommendedare the stuffed chillies, and the ceviche, whichmany say is the best they have ever had.