Harrys handsome and charming, but hes cynical about love. Hes never really gotten over his parents divorce. They were a modern Indian couple who married for love and it didnt last. So, Harry decides to have an arranged marriage, and asks his uncle back home in India to assist him in arranging the introduction to an appropriate Indian woman. To the dismay of his parents and friends, Harry finds the perfect girl and embarks on a long-distance courtship. But unexpectedly, Harrys friendship with Theresa, a fun and sexy American student, becomes confusing, appealing — and maybe a little bit romantic. Once Harry, his friends and the entire wedding party converge in India, Harrys plan to avoid romantic risk becomes a recipe for chaos.

Reparto: Rahul Rai,Stefanie Estes,Freishia Bomambehran
Director: Nayan Padrai
Género: Comedia;Romance
Nombre Original:
Año: 2011
Estreno: 2011-04-22
Duración: 93
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