This 25-million dollar epic collaboration accurately recreates the events that led to the Japanese attack on the American naval base during World War II. With Germanys invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, the wheels are set in motion by Japan to plan the attack. After internal differences in the government, the Japanese quickly mobilize plans for the assault. Key American personnel ignored warnings of the possibility of Japanese aggression. The first part of the film divides scenes from both countries. Part two contains spectacular battle scenes of the bombing that destroyed the American naval base of operations in Hawaii. Governmental errors on both sides add to the confusion, but the Japanese ultimately carry out the deadly mission. The film did well in Japan, did not do well in the he United States, and took years to make back the production costs. It remains an insightful and well crafted World War II action drama that was the result of years of negotiations between the two countries.~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Martin Balsam,Joseph Cotten,Soh Yamamura
Director: Richard Fleischer,Kinji Fukasaku
Género: Acción;Aventuras
Nombre Original:
Año: 1970
Estreno: 1970-09-23
Duración: 134
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