During the Third Reichs occupation of Tunis in 1942, two teens, Jewish Myriam and Muslim Nour, find that they desire each others life. Although far more interested in love than war, the girls find historical circumstances affecting each of their wedding plans. The occupying Nazis demand reparation payments from the Tunisian Jews, which Myriams impoverished seamstress mother cannot pay. Desperate, she promises Myriams hand to wealthy, older doctor Raoul. Meanwhile, Nour is happily betrothed to her handsome cousin Khaled, but her father postpones the wedding until Khaled gets a job. Unfortunately for the girls relationship, the Islamist Khaled finds work with the Germans, helping to round up Tunisian Jews.

Reparto: Lizzie Brocheré,Olympe Borval,Najib Oudghiri
Director: Karin Albou
Género: Drama;Guerra
Nombre Original:
Año: 2009
Estreno: 2009-10-23
Duración: 100
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