During the Gold Rush, prospectors brave Alaskas dangerous Chilkoot Pass, hoping to strike it rich in the snowy mountains. Just as Big Jim McKay discovers gold on his claim, a storm arises, prompting a Lone Prospector to take refuge in a cabin. Unknown to him, the cabins occupant is desperado Black Larsen, who attempts to throw the vagabond Prospector out. Strong winds, however, repeatedly blow the little man back inside, and soon after, Jim is also swept into the cabin. Jim fights with Larsen over his shotgun, and after Jim prevails, the Prospector claims him as a close friend in order to remain safe. Over the next few days, the three men live together uneasily, their hunger growing as the storm rages on.

Reparto: Charlie Chaplin,Mack Swain,Georgia Hale
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Género: Drama;Familia
Nombre Original:
Año: 2011
Estreno: 2011-12-23
Duración: 96
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