In this cheerfully surrealistic romance, a poet named Oliverio (Darío Grandinetti) lives by his wits in Buenos Aires, winning dollars by reciting his poems to passing motorists who stop at red lights or by occasionally trading a poem for a steak from a sympathetic restaurateur. His friends include an eccentric Canadian sculptor and Death (Nacha Guevara) himself, who often encourages him to get a regular job. When he grows tired of the women he is sleeping with, his bed becomes a doorway to elsewhere, and they simply disappear. This all changes somewhat when he falls in love with a high-class (and evidently very gifted) hooker. Their lovemaking sessions literally result in the couple levitating. Increasingly obsessed with meeting her fee, the free-spirited poet gets a job in advertising. At one point, their sexual encounter literally sends them flying over the city.~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Darío Grandinetti,Sandra Ballesteros,Nacha Guevara
Director: Eliseo Subiela
Género: Drama;Comedia;Romance
Nombre Original: The Dark Side of the Heart (El lado oscuro del corazon)
Año: 1994
Estreno: 1994-09-09
Duración: 126
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