King Henrys health is failing as a second rebellion threatens to surface. Intent on securing his legacy, he is uncertain that Hal is a worthy heir, believing him more concerned with earthly pleasures than with the responsibility of rule.
Meanwhile, Falstaff is sent to the countryside to recruit fresh troops. Among the unwitting locals, opportunities for embezzlement and profiteering prove impossible to resist as Falstaff gleefully indulges in the business of lining his own pockets.
As the Kings health continues to worsen, Hal must choose between duty and loyalty to an old friend in Shakespeares heartbreaking conclusion to this pair of plays.

Reparto: Elliot Barnes-Worrell,Martin Bassindale,Jasper Britton
Director: Gregory Doran
Género: Acontecimiento
Nombre Original:
Año: 2014
Estreno: 2014-07-20
Duración: 170
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