Michael Mayers acclaimed production, the talk of the opera world when it premiered in 2013, sets the action of Verdis masterpiece in 1960 Las Vegas-a neon-lit world ruled by money and ruthless, powerful men. In this bold new vision (featured on 60 Minutes), Piotr Beczala is the Duke, a popular entertainer and casino owner. Željko Lu?i? sings Rigoletto, a comedian and the Dukes sidekick, and Diana Damrau is Rigolettos innocent daughter, Gilda. When she is seduced by the Duke, Rigoletto sets out on a tragic course of murderous revenge.

Reparto: Piotr Beczala,Zeljko Lucic,Diana Damrau
Director: Michael Mayer
Género: Acontecimiento
Nombre Original:
Año: 2014
Estreno: 2014-06-18
Duración: 150
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