When her teen-aged son (Stephane Bierry) runs away and the police are noncommittal, a woman (Anne Duperey) convinces two old flames — a crusading journalist (Gerard Depardieu) and a hypochondriac (Pierre Richard) — that each is the father of her son in order to spur someone into action. Both eventually decide to search for the boy, meet up, and tell each other their stories without realizing they are looking for the same kid. This French comedy was remade in the U.S. as Fathers Day in 1997.~ John Bush, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Pierre Richard,Gérard Depardieu,Anny Duperey
Director: Francis Veber
Género: Comedia;Suspenso
Nombre Original: Les comperes
Año: 1983
Estreno: 1983-01-01
Duración: 90
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