Soren, a young owl, is enthralled by his fathers epic stories of the Guardians of GaHoole, a mythic band of winged warriors who had fought a great battle to save all of owlkind from the evil Pure Ones. When Soren and his older brother Kludd fall from their treetop home and right into the talons of the Pure Ones, Soren makes a daring escape with the help of other brave young owls. Together they soar across the sea and through the mist to find the Great Tree, home of the legendary Guardians — Sorens only hope of defeating the Pure Ones and saving the owl kingdoms.

Reparto: Emily Barclay,Abbie Cornish,Ryan Kwanten
Director: Zack Snyder
Género: Animación;Acción;Aventuras;Ciencia Ficción;Fantasía
Nombre Original:
Año: 2010
Estreno: 2010-10-08
Duración: 90
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