Set within the Georgian emigre community of Tel Aviv, a look at what happens when human beings get stuck between the rock of true love and the hard place of family tradition. Lily and Yasha are distraught that their 31-year-old son Zaza has not yet married. He is handsome, intelligent, and charismatic… So why no wife? Zaza humors his parents as they expound on the need for him to marry a young virgin (beautiful and from a good family of course) and suffers as they drag him to meet one suitable girl after another. But he is uninterested: In brazen disregard of his parents strict Georgian tradition, Zaza is in love with Judith, a beautiful 34-year-old Moroccan divorcee. Whats more, she has a six-year-old daughter. The family would never approve and he is determined to keep the affair a secret from them. Forced to choose between his familial obligations and his body-and-soul love for Judith, Zaza doesnt know where to turn.

Reparto: Lior Louie Ashkenazi,Ronit Elkabetz,Moni Moshonov
Director: Dover Koshashvili
Género: Comedia
Nombre Original:
Año: 2002
Estreno: 2002-05-17
Duración: 102
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