Dekalog: One
Krzysztof, a semantics professor and computer hobbyist, is raising his young son, Pawel, to look to science for answers, while Irena, Pawels aunt, lives a life rooted in faith. Over the course of one day, both adults are forced to question their belief systems. (56 minutes)
Krzysztof – Henryk Baranowski
Irena – Maja Komorowska
Pawel – Wojciech Klata
Man by the pond – Artur Barcis´
Dekalog: Two
Dorota is in love with two men: her gravely ill husband, Andrzej, and a fellow musician who is the father of her unborn child. Andrzejs doctor, himself no stranger to loss, is Dorotas downstairs neighbor; she implores him to swear to a prognosis for her husband, and in doing so puts a very serious decision into his hands. (59 minutes)
Dorota – Krystyna Janda
Chief surgeon – Aleksander Bardini
Andrzej – Olgierd Lukaszewicz
Orderly – Artur Barcis´
Postman – Stanislaw Gawlik
Andrzejs friend – Jerzy Fedorowicz
Basia – Ewa Ekwin´ska