Director Matias Bizes erotic chamber piece details the debauched encounter between two strangers as they retreat to a seedy hotel room for an unbridled night of passion, only to find their personal boundaries and preconceptions about one another challenged as they attempt to get better acquainted. Theyve been as intimate as two people can be without even knowing each others names, but now that the initial flames of passion have burnt out, its time for these two lost souls to truly connect. Putting on their clothes as they lay their souls bare, these two intimate strangers cautiously mix truth with deception to create a tangled web of personal intrigue.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Blanca Lewin,Gonzalo Valenzuela
Director: Matias Bize
Género: Comedia;Drama
Nombre Original:
Año: 0
Estreno: 0000-00-00
Duración: 85
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