This August, audiences across the country will get an unrivalled look into the mind of legendary rock icon Ozzy Osbourne in an exclusive in-theater event. Packed with never-before-seen Black Sabbath footage and recent solo tour clips, fans are set to enjoy an incredibly unique experience, by director/filmmaker and son of the Prince of Darkness himself, Jack Osbourne. Fellow musicians such as Paul McCartney, Tommy Lee and others will also share stories, while an exclusive interview with the Osbourne family explains why bringing Ozzys storied history to life — through the eyes of his son Jack — was the perfect motivation to capture one of musics greatest icons in candid splendor.

Reparto: Ozzy Osbourne
Director: Mike Fleiss,Mike Piscitelli
Género: Documental;Musical;Acontecimiento
Nombre Original:
Año: 2011
Estreno: 2011-08-24
Duración: 120
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