Pretentious New York underground filmmaker Nick Zedd apparently tried to package this 16mm horror parody as an instant cult classic for the midnight-movie circuit, but like all of Zedds films only his die-hard followers will be impressed; others need not apply. The central theme (one cant really call it a plot) involves the mad Dr. Frankenberry (Robert Andrews) and his attempts to reanimate the dead. Along for the ride is aptly-named Richard Hell as a punk-rock cowboy and the quaintly-monikered Donna Death as the vampiress Scumbelina, with narration provided by deadpan TV horror host John Zacherle.~ Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Bruno Zeus,Jim Giacama,Donna Death
Director: Nick Zedd
Nombre Original:
Año: 1983
Estreno: 1983-01-01
Duración: 70
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