Nick DeMaio is an aspiring actor who is perpetually typecast as Gangster Number 3 in films about the Mob. In an attempt to be taken seriously, Nick and his buddies decide to stage a play, and not just any play, but Shakespeares Julius Caesar, (which, after all, is just another tale about a Don and his capos, except in iambic pentameter). Coming and going at odd hours for rehearsals, this motley crew attracts the attention of the Feds, who mistakenly assume these good guys are goodfellas, and their play is a front for criminal activity. Typecast once again as a gangster–this time in real life–Nick has to prove his mettle, both onstage and off.

Reparto: Michael Rispoli,Annabella Sciorra,Paul Ben-Victor
Director: Christopher Kublan
Género: Comedia
Nombre Original:
Año: 2015
Estreno: 2015-10-23
Duración: 97
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