Romanian director Cristian Nemescus comedy California Dreamin (AKA Nesfarsit, 2007) unfolds against the backdrop of the Kosovo War, circa 1999. A NATO train rolls through a Romanian hamlet, transporting a plethora of weapons across the country – without official documents, and equipped only with the verbal consent of the Romanian authorities. The transport thus grows intensely vulnerable to the locals – particularly the corrupt head of the railway station, who moonlights as a mobster and promptly decides to interfere with the shipment.~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Armand Assante,Jamie Elman,Razvan Vasilescu
Director: Cristian Nemescu
Género: Comedia;Drama
Nombre Original:
Año: 0
Estreno: 0000-00-00
Duración: 155
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