The man-eating humanoids called Titans first appeared over 100 years ago, devouring humans without motive or remorse. What was left of mankind retreated behind three enormous concentric walls. After a century of relative peace, a titan larger and fiercer than any that have been seen before breaches the wall, kicking a large hole through the base of it. Now, titans are flooding the city, consuming much of the surviving human population. a young boy named Eren and his friends enlist to fight against the insatiable monsters. The future looks bleak, but theres more to Eren than meets the eye: he may be humanitys last hope against extinction.

Reparto: Haruma Miura,Kiko Mizuhara,Kanata Hongo
Director: Shinji Higuchi
Género: Acción;Aventuras
Nombre Original:
Año: 2015
Estreno: 2015-09-30
Duración: 99
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