A sublime and deceptively simple parable about lifes possibilities, Abbas Kiarostamis Palme dOr winning Taste Of Cherry follows Mr. Badii, a weary and increasingly desperate middle-aged man who has decided to end his life. Driving through the hilly outskirts of Tehran, in search of someone who will bury him if he succeeds or rescue him if he fails, he meets an assortment of different characters: Afghans, Kurds, Turks, prisoners of the desert, a soldier, a seminary student, and a museum employee, each with their own reason to turn down the job: fear, religious scruples and the humanists revulsion at a life willfully squandered. Taste Of Cherry is told with Kiarostamis incomparable sense of poetry and lyricism.

Reparto: Homayoun Ershadi,Abdolhossein Bagheri,Afshin Bakhtiari
Director: Abbas Kiarostami
Género: Drama
Nombre Original:
Año: 1998
Estreno: 1998-03-08
Duración: 95
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