Stylish and independent, Irene is a single career woman in her forties with a job to die for. As a luxury hotel critic, she checks into the worlds finest establishments incognito to assess their standards, meticulously judging every detail from the concierges manners to the temperature of the food to the quality of the bedsheets. Her elegant, unattached lifestyle affords her the freedom to jet around the globe at a moments notice to experience a world of luxury, but doesnt leave her with much of a personal life. On the rare occasions shes not working, Irenes world revolves around her absent-minded sister Silvia, two lively young nieces, and best friend–and former lover–Andrea. But when Silvia begins to deal with marital problems and Andrea faces an unexpected life change, Irenes small support network is fractured and she struggles to balance a glamorous career with the growing desire for something more. After a chance meeting shakes up her worldview even more, shes compelled to reexamine her choices and charts her own path to happiness despite the expectations of others.

Reparto: Lesley Manville,Margherita Buy,Stefano Accorsi
Director: Maria Sole Tognazzi
Género: Drama
Nombre Original:
Año: 2014
Estreno: 2014-07-18
Duración: 92
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