San Angel


San Angel Inn
Avenida Diego Rivera 50, corner withAltavista
Colonia San Angel Inn
Tel: 5616 1402 / 5616 2222
Not only is this one of the beautifulrestaurants in Mexico City, it is also one of the calmest, so much so thatcolonial dignitaries during the Spanish empire would come here to relax.Formerly a Carmenite monastery, the restaurant has maintained almost all of theformer glory of its original purpose. The food, though not Mexican per se, israther international with a good selection of Mexican classics. One of thehighlights of the place is also the very old school, attentive style of servicethat is so hard to find these days in Mexico.

Trattoria de la Casa Nuova
Avenida de la Paz 40, between Insurgentesand Revolucion
Colonia San Angel
Tel: 5616 2288
Finding good Italian anywhere outside ofItaly can often be a chore but this place does such good food that even if yourtrip is all about eating Mexican cuisine, this place is still worth a visit. Itis also an excellent place to buy cheeses, breads and other produce for eatingat home. If you choose to dine though, excellent dishes include the gnocchi,which has the right sponginess and texture to rival anything in Italy, or theraviolis, which are cooked to perfection and stuffed with more Mexicaningredients like Oaxaca cheese and squash flower.

El Convento: churros y tortas
Plaza del Carmen 4, corner with Revolucion
Colonia San Angel
Tel: 5616 0978
More a hole in the wall than anything else,it has two major advantages; excellent churros (deepfried dough pastries like doughnuts but in long strips) and tortas, which are Mexican style sandwiches made with avocado, cheese, beansand meat. It is also open till late, which makes it a fantastic stop for a latenight bite or an after bar excursion to satisfy a raging appetite. They also dostuffed churros, with chocolate, vanilla or a local sweet, cajeta, which is made caramelised milk and sugar.  A particularly handy place if you go outat one of the clubs in the south of the city.