Hotel Brick (La Olivia and Moderna)

Hotel Brick actually houses two, verydifferent restaurants; one which they call a lonchería, which is usually thesort of humble lunchtime eatery that many Mexicans eat at but done up and madeto look rather sleek here. And it is pretty, particularly around dusk whenpretty people start coming by to have a few drinks before heading out on a bignight. This place, which is more casual, serves a variety of pizzas, pastas,salads, etc (not very lonchería like) but forget that; come for their breakfasts,which are made in the same oven they bake their pizzas in. For a more elegantdining experience with European fare, try La Moderna at the back of the hotel, which serves less fusion but more fussyFrench fare. Highly recommended are the beef bourguignon and the sea bass.