Michel Blanc stars as Aymé, a grumpy recently widowed farmer, in writer/actress Isabelle Mergaults directorial debut, the romantic comedy You Are So Handsome. When Aymés work partner and wife dies suddenly in an unfortunate accident, he quickly realizes that he needs someone around to help him with the womanly half of the chores. An unsentimental sort, within days hes contacted a service to find him a new wife. This brings him to Romania, where hes introduced to a lot of much younger women, most of whom take the wrong tack, dressing skimpily and telling Aymé how handsome he is. Elena (Medeea Marinescu), a single mother, is as eager to move to France and make some money as the next girl, but she takes the time to assess the situation, puts on a sweater, and tells Aymé, in her charmingly broken French, how much shes always wanted to live on a farm and work with animals. Her strategy works, and Aymé decides to bring her back to France, but, embarrassed about what hes done, he comes up with a lame cover story to fool his best friend, Roland (Wladimir Yordanoff), and the rest of his neighbors. He tells them shes a distant relative whos visiting the farm as an intern, and has Elena pretend that she speaks no French at all. Elena expects them to have a real marriage, and is disappointed when she realizes that Aymé just wants her to work. Eventually, Aymé realizes his feelings for Elena go deeper than expected, but by then, her frustration and homesickness are becoming too much to bear. You Are So Handsome was shown as part of The Film Society of Lincoln Centers Rendez-Vous with French Cinema in 2006.~ Josh Ralske, All Movie Guide

Reparto: Michel Blanc,Medeea Marinescu,Wladimir Yordanoff
Director: Isabelle Mergault
Género: Drama
Nombre Original:
Año: 2008
Estreno: 2008-04-08
Duración: 97
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