Adam and Morello have a big problem. Its not that Adam is the heartthrob lead singer in a famous electropop band or that his girlfriend is a spoiled supermodel. His problem is Morellos problem. Morellos problem isnt that shes lead singer in a struggling post-punk riot girl band or that shes dating a banker. No, her problem is that she has to perform the biggest gig of her life at a music festival while handcuffed to the kind of person she totally despises – Adam. So begins an out-there odd-ball romantic comedy filled with lust, mud, betrayal, booze, portaloos and a hundred thousand people partying to the greatest music in the world. None of whom seems to have the key – not to the meaning of life – but to the handcuffs.

Reparto: Luke Treadaway,Natalia Tena,Mathew Baynton
Director: David Mackenzie
Género: Comedia
Nombre Original:
Año: 2012
Estreno: 2012-05-11
Duración: 90
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