Every night on Broadway, dozens of the best performers arent on stage. They are backstage, standing by, ready to go on at a moments notice. The unique and challenging lives of Broadways Understudies and Standbys are revealed in this evocative and original behind-the-scenes documentary.
The Standbys follows a variety of undiscovered performers for several years through their ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, onstage performances and private lives. When these Standbys are finally given the chance of a lifetime, anything can – and does – happen. Never-before-heard stories from industry insiders and celebrities reveal the unimaginable struggles these under-appreciated performers endure as they wait in the wings for their shot at a dream that may never come true.

Reparto: Ben Crawford,Alena Watters,Merwin Foard
Director: Stephanie Riggs
Género: Documental
Nombre Original:
Año: 2012
Estreno: 2012-11-09
Duración: 76
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