The Giant Mechanical Man is a charming comedic romance between Janice, a woman in her 30s who has yet to learn how to navigate adulthood, and Tim, a devoted street performer who finds that his unique talents as a living statue dont exactly pay the bills. Out of work and crashing with her overbearing sister, Janice is on the receiving end of well-intentioned but misguided pressure to date an egotistical self-help guru. Everyone seems to know whats best for Janice, but Tim helps her find her own voice and realize that it only takes one person to make you feel important.

Reparto: Malin Akerman,Topher Grace,Lucy Punch
Director: Lee Kirk
Género: Drama;Comedia;Romance
Nombre Original:
Año: 2012
Estreno: 2012-04-27
Duración: 94
  Sitio Web