Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald OConnor star in Singin in the Rain, one of the greatest and most successful musicals ever filmed – filled with memorable songs, lavish routines and Kellys fabulous song-and-dance number performed in the rain.
Set during the advent of talkies, Don Lockwood has risen to stardom during Hollywoods silent-movie era – paired with the beautiful, jealous and dumb Lina Lamont. And when Lockwood becomes attracted to young studio singer Kathy Selden, Lamont has her fired.
But with the introduction of talking pictures, Lockwood finds his career in jeopardy after audiences laugh when they hear Lamont speak in her shrill voice for the first time… until the studio decides to use Selden to dub her voice.

Reparto: Gene Kelly,Donald OConnor,Debbie Reynolds
Director: Stanley Donen,Gene Kelly
Género: Comedia;Musical;Romance
Nombre Original:
Año: 1952
Estreno: 1952-10-15
Duración: 102
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