Reality Super Producer Mickey Wagner has created a new reality show called Meet the Warwicks in which an unsuspecting family is picked, at random, and put under 24 hour surveillance…without their knowledge. Theres only one problem, the family is boring. Under pressure from the network to deliver something spectacular, Mickey decides to inject a little producer-created conflict to spark a fire. But with Mickey pulling the strings, primetime family entertainment quickly spirals out of control and rips this once happy family apart… and the network cant get enough. Intoxicated by his power and success, Mickey will stop at nothing to push the Warwicks over the edge in order to deliver the greatest finale in TV history.

Reparto: Adam Rifkin,Scott Anderson,Kelley Menighan Hensley
Director: Adam Rifkin
Género: Drama
Nombre Original:
Año: 2015
Estreno: 2015-08-07
Duración: 90
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