The basic story of the movie revolves around P.K. Jayan aka Vattu Jayan, Kaitheri Sahadevan (a megalo-maniacal communist leader) and Roy Joseph aka Che Guevera Roy. Vattu Jayan is a corrupt cop who manages his daily necessities through bribed money and does not touch his salary for anything. Che Guevara Roy is an ex-communist comrade who now teaches in a school with his wife. The movie boldly delves into the dichotomy of the political ideology of communism and exposes how angularities in perception, pre-dispositions developed during ones childhood, esoteric gimmicks and crafty double speak has become the order of the day in politics.

Reparto: Indrajith,Murali Gopy,Remya Nambeesan
Director: Arun Kumar Aravind
Género: Suspenso
Nombre Original:
Año: 2013
Estreno: 2013-08-23
Duración: 150
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