Ethan Galloway s struggling to re-enter a now-foreign world after leaving the hospital for a procedure he doesnt remember. s disjointed and bewildering memories come tumbling back, unsure of what is real or imagined, Ethan begins painfully reassembling the puzzle pieces of his life despite efforts by friends and family to conceal the past. Are they protecting him or is there a more sinister truth? When he meets a young French woman, Camille, Ethan discovers that her connection to his family is more than he bargained for and that his simple quest for the true meaning of happiness may not be so simple after all.

Reparto: Justice Leak,Robert Pralgo,Elizabeth Keener
Director: Thomas Verrette
Género: Drama;Ciencia Ficción;Fantasía
Nombre Original:
Año: 2013
Estreno: 2013-08-09
Duración: 88
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