What happens to a musical prodigy after his wife leaves and his band splits up? By the time he turned 25, Chris Thile had already sold two million records with the Grammy-winning, pop-bluegrass trio Nickel Creek and had been called perhaps the most virtuosic American ever to play the mandolin. Now, broken-hearted and restless,Thile is beginning again. Starting with the Punch Brothers first show and filmed over two years across twenty-five cities, this musical coming of age story explores the tensions between individual talents and group identity, art and commerce, youth and wisdom. An intimate portrait of dizzying young talent at a crossroads, Thile and his new band are ultimately learning how to grow up and start over.

Reparto: Chris Thile,Gabriel Witcher,Noam Pikelny
Director: Mark Meatto
Género: Documental;Musical
Nombre Original:
Año: 2012
Estreno: 2012-04-13
Duración: 88
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