Dan Topler is a rich, smart, suicidal twenty-something who dropped out of medical school to pursue his own drug habit. After a suicide attempt on the George Washington Bridge lands him in an upscale rehabilitation clinic, Dr. Jacob Bernstein takes him under his wing. The doctor issues these commands: obey the no-drugs rules, and join the geriatric temple mens group he leads or face incarceration. Dans prep school friends continue to lure Dan to bacchanals. Dan cant resist the drugs, booze, and women, until he becomes smitten with Laura, Dr. Bernsteins daughter. Resolving to turn his life around, he confronts his friends and begins to listen at his group sessions, realizing he has more to offer and to learn than he ever knew.

Reparto: Tom Pelphrey,Christopher Lloyd,Robert Vaughn
Director: Ric Klass
Género: Romance;Comedia
Nombre Original:
Año: 2012
Estreno: 2012-10-12
Duración: 105
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